Mobile Cranes

Mobile Cranes

Wheel / Crawler Mounted-Telescoping / Non-Telescoping

 A. The following tests are included on all Mobile Cranes (as applicable):

A complete and comprehensive visual and operational inspection will be made of the entire unit to ensure the unit’s structural integrity and compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations. Included are such items as wire rope, outriggers, turret, pedestal, main frame, boom sections, sheaves, hydraulic cylinders, pin boss areas, hooks, load blocks, warning placards, controls, safety devices and inspection records (OSHA CFR 1910.180, 1926.1400, CAL-OSHA Title 8, ANSI B30.5, B30.10 with reference to SAE, ASME, and the equipment manufacturer’s maintenance/service bulletins).

Each accessible critical weld will be examined visually with the assistance of non-destructive methods of magnetic particle and/or dye penetrant inspection when deemed necessary (ASTM E-165-83 Liquid Penetrant inspection, AWS D2.0-69 Appendix A, magnetic particle inspection ASTM E-709-85).

B. Our inspection program is based around applicable OSHA standards to include CAL-OSHA Title 8,  OSHA 1910.180, 1926.1400, ANSI B30.5 and B30.10.

C. Upon completion of the inspection and prior to leaving the premises, Brodek Crane Inspections will provide a full computer generated report for each unit inspected/tested, and will fully interpret and analyze the results with the company-appointed representative. After each unit is inspected a certificate of inspection placard will be affixed to the unit.

D. All inspection will be performed by a competent inspector employed by Brodek Crane Inspections, Inc. experienced in the field of Mobile Crane Inspection. A competent inspector shall be one who has the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic experience with such mobile equipment, and is trained in non-destructive examination (acoustic emission, dye penetrant, magnetic particle and ultrasonic) according to ASNT-TC-1A.

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Mobile Crane Inspection and Load Testing